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Essays, Manifestos, Statements, Speeches, Maxims, Epistles, Diaristic Jottings, Narratives, Natural histories, Poems, Plays, Performances, Ramblings, Revelations, and all such ephemera as may appear necessary to bring society into a slight tremolo of confusion and fright at least.

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  — Anthology —
    From the Other Side of the Century II: A New American Drama 1960-1995 [Sun & Moon, 978-1557132475], Out of Stock
    Theatre of Wonders: Six Contemporary American Plays (hardcover) [Sun & Moon, 978-0940650398], U.S. $9.95
    Three Masterpieces of Cuban Drama: Carlos Felipe, Julio Matas, and Virgilio Piñera [1-892295-66-0], U.S. $9.95
  Antin,  Eleanor
    Eleanora Antinova Plays [Sun & Moon, 1-55713-057-4], Digital Only
  Auletta,  Robert
    The Persians [Sun & Moon, 9781557131355], U.S. $14.95
  Barnes,  Djuna
    Biography of Julie von Bartmann [9781557134219], U.S. $9.95
    The Antiphon [1-892295-56-3], Digital Only
  Bjørneboe,  Jens
    The Bird Lovers [Sun & Moon, 9781557131461], Out of Stock
  Céline,  Louis-Ferdinand
    The Church: A Comedy in Five Acts [1-892295-78-4], Out of Stock
  Cendrars,  Blaise
    Films without Images [9781933382401], U.S. $9.95
  Chekhov,  Anton
    A Tragic Man Despite Himself: The Complete Short Plays [1-931243-17-4], U.S. $9.95
  Fornes,  Maria Irene
    Abingdon Square [1-892295-64-4], U.S. $10.95
  Gatti,  Armand
    Two Plays: The 7 Possibilities for Train 713 Departing from Auschwitz and Public Song Before Two Electric Chairs [1-931243-28-X], U.S. $9.95
  Greenspan,  David
    Son of an Engineer [Sun & Moon, 978-1557131591], U.S. $14.95
  Jenkin,  Len
    Careless Love [Sun & Moon, 1-55713-168-6], U.S. $14.95
  Jones,  Jeffrey M.
    J. P. Morgan Saves the Nation [Sun & Moon, 978-1-55713-256-7], U.S. $14.95
  Larson,  Jonathan
    J. P. Morgan Saves the Nation [Sun & Moon, 978-1-55713-256-7], U.S. $14.95
  Magris,  Claudio
    Voices: Three Plays [978-1-933382-81-4], U.S. $13.95
  Maguire,  Matthew
    The Tower [Sun & Moon, 978-1557131331], U.S. $14.95
  Mednick,  Murray
    Switchback [Sun & Moon, 978-1557133090], U.S. $14.95
  Messerli,  Douglas
    Silence All Round Marked: An Historical Play in Hysteria Writ [Sun & Moon, 978-1557131256], U.S. $9.95
    The Walls Come True: An Opera for Spoken Voices (The Structure of Destruction, Part II) [Sun & Moon, 978-1557131805], U.S. $14.95
  Novarina,  Valére
    The Theater of the Ears [Sun & Moon, 978-1557132512], Digital Only
  O'Keefe,  John
    The Deatherians [978-1931243506], U.S. $9.95
    The Resurrection of Lady Lester [1-892295-51-2], U.S. $9.95
  Parks,  Suzan-Lori
    Imperceptible Mutabilities in the Third Kingdom [Sun & Moon, 978-1557131348], Out of Stock
  Peters,  Kier
    A Dog Tries to Kiss the Sky: Six Short Plays [978-1931243308], U.S. $9.95
    The Confirmation [Sun & Moon, 978-1-55713-154-6], U.S. $9.95
  Pietri,  Pedro
    The Masses Are Asses [1-892295-62-8], Out of Stock
  Ross,  Joe
    Guards of the Heart: Four Plays [Sun & Moon, 978-1557130822], Out of Stock
  Stein,  Gertrude
    Mexico: A Play [1-892295-36-9], Digital Only
  Steppling,  John
    Sea of Cortez and Other Plays [Sun & Moon, 978-1557132376], U.S. $14.95
  Stuart,  Kelly
    Demonology [1-892295-58-x], U.S. $9.95
  Templeton,  Fiona
    Delirium of Interpretations [1-892295-55-5], U.S. $9.95
  Wellman,  Mac
    Bad Penny at Bow Bridge [Sun & Moon, 978-1557131164], U.S. $9.95
    Crowtet 1: A Murder of Crows and The Hyacinth Macaw [1-892295-52-0], Digital Only
    Crowtet 2: Second-Hand Smoke and The Lesser Magoo [1-931243-71-9], U.S. $9.95
    The Land Beyond the Forest: Dracula and Swoop [Sun & Moon, 1-55713-228-3], Out of Stock
    The Professional Frenchman [Sun & Moon, 978-1557131157], U.S. $9.95
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