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Or, buy all 11 German/Austrian Literature books | $55 SALE

with each clouded peak

Friederike Mayröcker

Six Early Stories

Thomas Mann

Room of Rumor: Tunings

Oswald Egger

Gradiva and Delusion and Dream in Wilhelm Jensen's Gradiva

Sigmund Freud

Three Women

Robert Musil

Rich Catch in the Empty Creel

Reiner Kunze

Metropolis Vienna

Peter Rosei

Tousled Beauty

Dieter M. Gräf
Bilingual Edition

Tussi Research

Dieter M. Gräf
Bilingual Edition

Three Contemporary German-Language Fiction Writers

Bilingual Edition

PIP Anthology 7

German Poets
Bilingual Edition
$10, Large Size


Or, buy all 10 Poetry Anthologies | $90 SALE

PIP Anthology 1

International Poets

PIP Anthology 2

International Poets

PIP Anthology 3

Brazilian Poets
Bilingual Edition

PIP Anthology 4

International Poets

PIP Anthology 5

Southern California Poets

PIP Anthology 6

Dutch Poets
Bilingual Edition

PIP Anthology 7

German Poets
Bilingual Edition

Place as Purpose

West Coast Poets

I Novissimi

Italian Poets
Bilingual Edition

Listen to the Mockingbird

American Folksongs
$5, Pocket-size


Or, buy all 9 Latin American Literature books | $45 SALE

Duke, the Dog Priest

Domício Coutinho

Pedra Canga

Tereza Albues

Nine, Novena

Osman Lins

North of Hell

Miguel Correa Mujica

The Arrival of Autumn in Constantinople

Norberto Luis Romero

3 Masterpieces of Cuban Drama

Felipe, Matas, and Piñera


Régis Bonvicino
Bilingual Edition

Beyond the Wall

Régis Bonvicino
Bilingual Edition

Nothing the Sun Could Not Explain

Brazilian Poets
Bilingual Edition
$10, anthology


Or, buy all 9 French Literature books | $40 SALE


Francis Carco

The Botanical Garden

Jean Frémon

The Peninsula

Julien Gracq

The Sea

Jules Michelet

Films without Images

Blaise Cendrars

The Vicar's Passion

Honoré de Balzac

When a Poet Sees
a Chestnut Tree

Jean-Pierre Rosnay
Bilingual Edition

Gabrielle and the Long Sleep into Mourning

Denyse Delcourt
French Canadian

Two Plays

Armand Gatti


Or, buy all 17 American Fiction books | $85 SALE


Tom La Farge


Toby Olson


Dennis Phillips

The Great American Novel

William Carlos Williams

La Divina Caricatura

Lee Breuer

The Hermaphrodite

Daniel Grandbois

Q's Q

Mac Wellman

The Day of Their Wedding

William Dean Howells

Letters from Hanusse

Joshua Haigh

Charlie P

Richard Kalich

Penthouse F

Richard Kalich

The Twofold Vibration

Raymond Federman

History or Messages from History

Gertrude Stein

The Returns

Dennis Barone

Me & My Mom

Marianne Hauser


Djuna Barnes

Metaphysics in the Midwest

Curtis White
$10, hardcover

  DRAMA and FILM books | $5 SALE

Or, buy all 17 Drama and Film books | $85 SALE

The Deatherians

John O’Keefe

Films without Images

Blaise Cendrars

A Tragic Man Despite Himself

Anton Chekov

A Dog Tries to Kiss the Sky

Kier Peters

The Confirmation

Kier Peters

Reading Films

Douglas Messerli

Two Plays

Armand Gatti

Delirium of Interpretations

Fiona Templeton

La Divina Caricatura

Lee Breuer

Theatre of Wonders

Mac Wellman, ed.
$10, hardcover

Crowtet II

Mac Wellman

The Professional Frenchman

Mac Wellman

Bad Penny at Bow Bridge

Mac Wellman

Guards of the Heart

Joe Ross

Silence All Round Marked

Douglas Messerli

3 Masterpieces of Cuban Drama

Matas, Felipe, and Piñera

Mexico: A Play

Gertrude Stein

  MY YEAR series by Douglas Messerli | $5 SALE

Or, buy all 14 My Year books | $80 SALE

My Year 2000:
Leaving Something Behind

$17.95, POD

My Year 2001:
Keeping History a Secret

$17.95, POD

My Year 2002:
Love, Death, and Transfiguration

My Year 2003:
Voice Without a Voice

My Year 2004:
Under Our Skin

My Year 2005:
Terrifying Times

My Year 2006:

My Year 2007:
To the Dogs

My Year 2008:
In the Gap

My Year 2009:
Facing the Heat

My Year 2010:

My Year 2011:
No One's Home

My Year 2012:
Centers Collapse

My Year 2013:
Murderers and Angels

$17.95, POD
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