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J. P. Morgan Saves the Nation

Jonathan Larson

with Jeffrey M. Jones (Book)

Price: U.S. $14.95
Jonathan Larson
J. P. Morgan Saves the Nation
Series No.: x SMC 157
ISBN: 978-1-55713-256-7, Pages: 106
American Literature, Drama

A Sun & Moon title.

* * *

Based on the events surrounding J. Pierpont Morgan's single-handed attempt to save the nation from financial collapse during the panic of 1907, J. P. Morgan Saves the Nation brings together history, economics, and musical theater in an En Garde Arts production performed originally outdoors at the corner of Wall and Broad Streets, in direct view of the headquarters of Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, founded by the title character.

Jones's and Larson's musical extravaganza explores a wide range of American values from the battle over control of the Susquehanna Railroad to the famous reordering of the American economy by J. P. Morgan. Spiritual faith and capitalist greed combine with ragtime, rock, and music-hall hymns to portray many of the inherent conflicts of the American scene.

Jeffrey M. Jones is the author of 70 Scenes Of Halloween, Nightcoil, and A Man's Best Friend; a series of collage plays: Der Inka Von Peru, Tomorrowland, and Wipeout; a series of "Crazy Plays": Stone Monkey Banished (an adaptation of Monkey for Ralph Lee), 12 Brothers (an adaptation of the Grimm Brothers' tale, with Camila Jones); and two musicals: Write If You Get Work (score: Dan Moses Schreier) and J.P. Morgan Saves the Nation (score: Jonathan Larson). Mr. Jones also is co-curator of the OBIE-winning Little Theatre series, and holds an annual Pataphysics workshop at the Flea.

Jonathan Larson (February 4, 1960 – January 25, 1996) was a composer and playwright who lived in New York City and authored musicals, including Tick, Tick... BOOM! and Rent, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and won four Tony Awards.

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