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Essays, Manifestos, Statements, Speeches, Maxims, Epistles, Diaristic Jottings, Narratives, Natural histories, Poems, Plays, Performances, Ramblings, Revelations, and all such ephemera as may appear necessary to bring society into a slight tremolo of confusion and fright at least.

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Green Integer was formerly Sun & Moon, from 1976-2000.
For 24 years, Sun & Moon published at least one book a month on average, totaling 356 books.
Most are now out of print, and not listed here.
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  — Anthology —
    From the Other Side of the Century I: A New American Poetry 1960-1990, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    From the Other Side of the Century II: A New American Drama 1960-1995, Out of Stock
    I Novissimi: Poetry for the Sixties , U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #01, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #02, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #03, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #04, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #05, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #06, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #07, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #08, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #09, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #10, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #11, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Là-Bas: A Newsletter of Experimental Poetry #12, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Mr. Knife, Miss Fork, No. 1, U.S. $14.95
    Nothing the Sun Could Not Explain: Contemporary Brazilian Poets, U.S. $9.95
    Place as Purpose: Poetry from the Western States, Out of Stock
    Sun & Moon: A Quarterly of Literature & Art, No. 1, Winter 1976, Out of Stock
    Theatre of Wonders: Six Contemporary American Plays (hardcover), U.S. $9.95
  Ahern,  Tom
    Hecatombs of Lake, U.S. $14.95
    The Petrus Borel Stories, Out of Stock
  Alexander,  Will
    Asia & Haiti, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Alféri,  Pierre
    Natural Gaits, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Andersson,  Claes
    What Became Words, U.S. $14.95
  Andrews,  Bruce
    Give Em Enough Rope, Out of Stock
  Antin,  Eleanor
    Eleanora Antinova Plays, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Armantrout,  Rae
    Necromance, Out of Stock
  Auletta,  Robert
    The Persians, U.S. $14.95
  Auster,  Paul
    City of Glass, Out of Stock
    Ghosts, Out of Stock
    The Art of Hunger, Out of Stock
    The Locked Room, Out of Stock
  Banks,  Russell
    Family Life, Out of Stock
    The Relation of My Imprisonment, Out of Stock
  Barnes,  Djuna
    Interviews, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Poe's Mother: Selected Drawings (hardcover), Out of Stock
    Smoke and Other Early Stories, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Smoke and Other Early Stories (hardcover), U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    The Book of Repulsive Women, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Barone,  Dennis
    The Returns, U.S. $9.95
  Bee,  Susan
    The Nude Formalism, U.S. $9.95
  Bellen,  Martine
    Tales of Murasaki and Other Poems, U.S. $14.95
  Bernstein,  Charles
    Content’s Dream: Essays 1975-1984, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Dark City, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Republics of Reality 1975-1995, U.S. $9.95
    Rough Trades, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Shade, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    The Nude Formalism, U.S. $9.95
  Bjørneboe,  Jens
    The Bird Lovers, Out of Stock
  Boyle,  Kay
    This is Not a Letter (hardcover), Out of Stock
  Breton,  André
    Arcanum 17, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Bromige,  David
    The Harbormaster of Hong Kong, Out of Stock
  Brownstein,  Michael
    Music from the Evening of the World (hardcover), U.S. $19.95
  Butts,  Mary
    Scenes from the Life of Cleopatra, Out of Stock
  Clark,  Jeff
    The Little Door Slides Back, U.S. $14.95
  Coffey,  Michael
    Elemenopy, U.S. $14.95
  Coolidge,  Clark
    Solution Passage (hardcover), U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    The Crystal Text, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    The Rova Improvisations, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Copioli,  Rosita
    The Blazing Lights of the Sun, Out of Stock
  Crevel,  René
    Babylon, Out of Stock
  Cudahy,  Sheila
    Crow Time, U.S. $14.95
  Darragh,  Tina
    On the Corner to Off the Corner, U.S. $14.95
  De Angelis,  Milo
    Finite Intuition: Selected Poetry and Prose, Out of Stock
  Deluy,  Henri
    Carnal Love, Out of Stock
  Dennett,  Nolan
    Place of Shelter (hardcover), U.S. $19.95
  Donnelly,  Jean
    Anthem, U.S. $9.95
  Donoso,  José
    Hell Has No Limits, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Dragomoschenko,  Arkadii
    Description, Out of Stock
    Xenia, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  du Bouchet,  Ándre
    Where Heat Looms, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Everman,  Welch
    The Harry and Sylvia Stories, Out of Stock
  Federman,  Raymond
    Smiles on Washington Square, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Firbank,  Ronald
    Santal, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Fitterman,  Robert
    Metropolis 1-15, U.S. $9.95
  Fourcade,  Dominique
    Click-Rose , Out of Stock
  Frym,  Gloria
    By Ear, U.S. $14.95
  George,  Charley
    Sunday's Ending Too Soon, U.S. $14.95
  Gilliams,  Maurice
    Elias, or the Struggle with the Nightingales, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Giraudon,  Liliane
    Fur, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Pallaksch, Pallaksch , Out of Stock
  Glassgold,  Peter
    Boethius: The Poems from "On the Consolation of Philosophy", Out of Stock
    Hwæt!, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Gordon,  Jaimy
    Bogeywoman, U.S. $9.95
  Greenspan,  David
    Son of an Engineer, U.S. $14.95
  Greenwald,  Ted
    Word of Mouth, Out of Stock
  Guest,  Barbara
    Defensive Rapture, Out of Stock
    Fair Realism, Out of Stock
  Hamsun,  Knut
    The Women at the Pump, Out of Stock
    Victoria , Out of Stock
  Hansen,  Martin A.
    The Liar , U.S. $14.95
  Hardy,  Thomas
    Jude the Obscure , U.S. $14.95
  Haugen,  Paal-Helge
    Wintering with the Light , Out of Stock
  Hauser,  Marianne
    Me & My Mom, U.S. $9.95
    The Memoirs of the Late Mr. Ashley: An American Comedy, U.S. $14.95
  Hawkes,  John
    The Owl and The Goose on the Grave, U.S. $9.95
  Hejinian,  Lyn
    My Life, Out of Stock
    The Cell, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    The Cold of Poetry, Out of Stock
    Writing Is an Aid to Memory, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Hoel,  Sigurd
    The Road to the World's End, U.S. $14.95
  Hollander,  Benjamin
    The Book of Who Are Was, U.S. $14.95
  Howe,  Fanny
    The Deep North (hardcover), Out of Stock
    The Lives of a Spirit (hardcover), Out of Stock
  Howe,  Susan
    The Europe of Trusts, Out of Stock
  Huysmans,  J. K.
    Marthe: The Story of a Whore, Out of Stock
  Inagaki Taruho
    One Thousand and One-Second Stories , Out of Stock
  Jenkin,  Len
    Careless Love, U.S. $14.95
    New Jerusalem, U.S. $9.95
    New Jerusalem (hardcover), Out of Stock
  Jesurun,  John
    Everything that Rises Must Converge , U.S. $14.95
  Jones,  Jeffrey M.
    J. P. Morgan Saves the Nation, U.S. $14.95
  Katz,  Steve
    43 Fictions, Out of Stock
    Wier & Pouce (hardcover), Out of Stock
  La Farge,  Tom
    Terror of Earth, U.S. $14.95
    The Crimson Bears, Part I, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    The Crimson Bears, Part II: A Hundred Doors, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Larson,  Jonathan
    J. P. Morgan Saves the Nation, U.S. $14.95
  Lawrence,  Jerome
    A Golden Circle (hardcover), U.S. $19.95
  Levine,  Stacey
    Dra—, Out of Stock
    My Horse and Other Stories, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Lins,  Osman
    Nine, Novena, Out of Stock
  Mac Low,  Jackson
    Barnesbook, Out of Stock
    From Pearl Harbor Day to FDR’s Birthday, Out of Stock
    Pieces O' Six, Out of Stock
  Mackey,  Nathaniel
    Djbot Baghostus's Run, Out of Stock
  Maguire,  Matthew
    The Tower, U.S. $14.95
  Major,  Clarence
    Painted Turtle: Woman with Guitar (hardcover), Out of Stock
    Some Observations of a Stranger at Zuni in the Latter Part of the Century, U.S. $14.95
  Mann,  Thomas
    Six Early Stories, U.S. $14.95
    Six Early Stories (hardcover), U.S. $19.95
  Mathews,  Harry
    Selected Declarations of Dependence , U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Mayröcker,  Friederike
    with each clouded peak, U.S. $9.95
  Mednick,  Murray
    Switchback, U.S. $14.95
  Messerli,  Douglas
    After, U.S. $9.95
    Dinner on the Lawn, U.S. $14.95
    Maxims from My Mother's Milk / Hymns to Him: A Dialogue, Out of Stock
    Maxims from My Mother's Milk / Hymns to Him: A Dialogue (hardcover), U.S. $19.95
    River to Rivet: A Manifesto, U.S. $14.95
    Silence All Round Marked: An Historical Play in Hysteria Writ, U.S. $9.95
    The Walls Come True: An Opera for Spoken Voices (The Structure of Destruction, Part II), U.S. $14.95
  Mirsky,  Mark
    The Red Adam, U.S. $14.95
  Morley,  Christopher
    Thunder on the Left, Out of Stock
    Thunder on the Left (hardcover), U.S. $19.95
  Mouré,  Erin
    A Frame of the Book, U.S. $14.95
  Myung Mi Kim
    Dura, U.S. $14.95
  Nakell,  Martin
    The Library of Thomas Rivka, Out of Stock
  Nooteboom,  Cees
    The Captain of the Butterflies, U.S. $9.95
  Novarina,  Valére
    The Theater of the Ears , U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Ott,  Gill
    The Yellow Floor, U.S. $14.95
  Parks,  Suzan-Lori
    Imperceptible Mutabilities in the Third Kingdom, Out of Stock
  Perreault,  John
    Hotel Death and Other Tales, U.S. $9.95
    Hotel Death and Other Tales (hardcover), Out of Stock
  Peters,  Kier
    The Confirmation, U.S. $9.95
  Phillips,  Dennis
    A World, U.S. $14.95
    Arena, Out of Stock
  Pomerance,  Murray
    Magia D'Amore, U.S. $14.95
  Propertius,  Sextus
    Charm, Out of Stock
  Rakosi,  Carl
    Poems 1923-1941, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Raworth,  Tom
    Eternal Sections, Out of Stock
  Rehm,  Pam
    To Give It Up, U.S. $14.95
  Retallack,  Joan
    How to Do Things with Words, Out of Stock
  Robinson,  Elizabeth
    Pure Descent, U.S. $14.95
  Ross,  Joe
    An American Voyage, Out of Stock
    Guards of the Heart: Four Plays, Out of Stock
  Rothenberg,  Jerome
    Gematria, Out of Stock
  Sarduy,  Severo
    From Cuba with a Song, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Schnitzler,  Arthur
    Dream Story, U.S. $19.95
  Shaefer,  Standard
    Nova, U.S. $14.95
  Sherry,  James
    In Case, U.S. $14.95
  Shurin,  Aaron
    Into Distances, U.S. $14.95
    Narrativity, U.S. $9.95
  Sorrentino,  Gilbert
    The Orangery, U.S. $19.95
  Spatola,  Adriano
    Material, Materials, Recovery of, Out of Stock
  Stanton,  Johnny
    Mangled Hands, Out of Stock
  Stein,  Gertrude
    Mrs. Reynolds, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Stanzas in Meditation, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    Tender Buttons, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Steiner,  Guiseppe
    Drawn States of Mind, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Steiner,  Robert
    Dread, U.S. $14.95
    Dread (hardcover), U.S. $19.95
    The Catastrophe , U.S. $14.95
  Steppling,  John
    Sea of Cortez and Other Plays , Out of Stock
  Sukenick,  Ronald
    Blown Away, U.S. $14.95
  Svevo,  Italo
    As a Man Grows Older, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Tan Lin
    Lotion Bullwhip Giraffe, Out of Stock
  Templeton,  Fiona
    London, U.S. $14.95
  Thénon,  Susana
    distancias / distances, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Van Vechten,  Carl
    Parties, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Vangelisti,  Paul
    Nemo, Out of Stock
  Vesaas,  Tarjei
    The Ice Palace, Out of Stock
  Von Doderer,  Heimito
    The Merowingians , Out of Stock
  Walker,  Wendy
    Stories Out of Omarie, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    The Sea-Rabbit: Or, the Artist of Life, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    The Sea-Rabbit: Or, the Artist of Life (hardcover), U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
    The Secret Service, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Warsh,  Lewis
    A Free Man, Out of Stock
  Watten,  Barrett
    Frame (1971-1990), Out of Stock
  Weiner,  Hannah
    Spoke, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Weinstein,  Jeff
    Learning to Eat (hardcover), Out of Stock
  Wellman,  Mac
    A Shelf in Woop's Clothing, U.S. $14.95
    Bad Penny at Bow Bridge, Out of Stock
    The Fortuneteller, U.S. $14.95
    The Land Beyond the Forest: Dracula and Swoop, Out of Stock
    The Professional Frenchman, U.S. $9.95
  White,  Curtis
    Metaphysics in the Midwest, Out of Stock
    Metaphysics in the Midwest (hardcover), U.S. $9.95
    The Idea of Home, U.S. $14.95
  Wieners,  John
    707 Scott Street, U.S. $5.95, Digital Only
  Zola,  Émile
    The Belly of Paris, Out of Stock
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