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Essays, Manifestos, Statements, Speeches, Maxims, Epistles, Diaristic Jottings, Narratives, Natural histories, Poems, Plays, Performances, Ramblings, Revelations, and all such ephemera as may appear necessary to bring society into a slight tremolo of confusion and fright at least.

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  — Anthology —
    PIP Anthology of World Poetry of the 20th Century: v. 07, At Villa Aurora: Nine Contemporary Poets Writing in German [1-933382-68-6], U.S. $9.95
    Three Contemporary German-Language Fiction Writers: Bernd Lichtenberg, Kathrin Röggla, and Kristin Schnider [978-1-933382-58-6], U.S. $5.25
  Bachmann,  Ingeborg
    Last Living Words: The Ingeborg Bachmann Reader [978-1-933382-12-8], U.S. $15.95
    Letters to Felician [1-931243-16-6], Out of Print
  Celan,  Paul
    Breathturn [978-1-933382-52-4], U.S. $19.95
    Lightduress [1-931243-75-1], U.S. $13.95
    Threadsuns [9781931243742], U.S. $14.95
  Egger,  Oswald
    Room of Rumor: Tunings [1-931243-66-2], U.S. $5.25
  Freud,  Sigmund
    Gradiva and Delusion and Dream in Wilhelm Jensen's Gradiva [1-892295-89-X], U.S. $5.25
  Gräf,  Dieter M.
    Tousled Beauty: Selected Poems [1-933382-01-5], U.S. $5.25
    Tussi Research [978-1-933382-86-9], U.S. $5.25
  Jensen,  Wilhelm
    Gradiva and Delusion and Dream in Wilhelm Jensen's Gradiva [1-892295-89-X], U.S. $5.25
  Kunze,  Reiner
    Rich Catch in the Empty Creel [978-1-933382-24-1], U.S. $5.25
  Lasker-Schüler,  Else
    Selected Poems [1-892295-86-5], Out of Print
  Mann,  Thomas
    Six Early Stories [1-892295-74-1], U.S. $5.25
    Six Early Stories [Sun & Moon, 9781557133854], U.S. $14.95
    Six Early Stories (hardcover) [Sun & Moon, 978-1557132987], U.S. $19.95
  Mayröcker,  Friederike
    with each clouded peak [Sun & Moon, 1-55713-277-1], U.S. $5.25
  Musil,  Robert
    Three Women [978-1557134196], U.S. $5.25
  Rilke,  Rainer Maria
    Duino Elegies [978-1-931243-07-0], U.S. $10.95
  Rosei,  Peter
    Metropolis Vienna [978-1-933382-27-2], U.S. $5.25
  Sachs,  Nelly
    Collected Poems 1944-1949 [978-1-933382-57-9], Out of Print
  Schmidt,  Arno
    Radio Dialogs I [978-1-892295-01-9], U.S. $15.95
    Radio Dialogs II [1-892295-80-6], Out of Print
    The School for Atheists: A Novella = Comedy in 6 Acts [978-1-892295-96-5], U.S. $22.95
  Schnitzler,  Arthur
    Dream Story [978-1-931243-48-3], U.S. $11.95
    Dream Story [Sun & Moon, 978-1557130815], U.S. $19.95
    Lieutenant Gustl [1-931243-46-8], U.S. $9.95
  Stramm,  August
    32 Poems [978-1-55713-435-6], U.S. $10.95
  Von Doderer,  Heimito
    The Merowingians [Sun & Moon, 978-1557132505], Out of Print
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