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$5 SALE | American Fiction | $5 SALE


Tom La Farge


Toby Olson


Leslie Scalapino

Antonello's Lion

Steve Katz


Dennis Phillips

The Hermaphrodite

Daniel Grandbois

Q's Q

Mac Wellman

The Day of Their Wedding

William Dean Howells

Letters from Hanusse

Joshua Haigh

Charlie P

Richard Kalich

Penthouse F

Richard Kalich

Me & My Mom

Marianne Hauser

The Assisted Living Facility Library
Richard Kalich
$10, hardcover


Djuna Barnes
$10, hardcover

Metaphysics in the Midwest

Curtis White
$10, hardcover

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$80 SALE


Ten Thousand Lives: Maninbo, Volumes 21-25

Born in 1933 in a small rural village in Korea’s North Cholla Province, Ko Un grew up in a Japanese-controlled land that was soon to experience the horrors of the Korean War. He became a Buddhist monk in 1952, and began writing in the late 1950s. Ten Thousand Lives is his major, ongoing work, which began in prison with a determination to describe every person he had ever met or heard of. It tells the stories of many figures from Korean history, as well as children and poor people, who, without his poems, would have vanished into oblivion. Green Integer previously published Volumes 1–10.


Buy both books in the series
$32 SALE


$5 SALE | Theater and Film books | $5 SALE

The Deatherians

John O’Keefe

Films without Images

Blaise Cendrars

A Tragic Man Despite Himself

Anton Chekov

A Dog Tries to Kiss the Sky

Kier Peters

The Confirmation

Kier Peters

Reading Films

Douglas Messerli

Two Plays

Armand Gatti

Delirium of Interpretations

Fiona Templeton

La Divina Caricatura

Lee Breuer

Theatre of Wonders

Mac Wellman, ed.
$10, hardcover

Crowtet II

Mac Wellman

3 Masterpieces of
Cuban Drama

Matas, Felipe, and Piñera

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$60 SALE


My Year 2013: Murderers and Angels

The mass shootings that led up to 2013 and continued throughout the year determined that Douglas Messerli’s 14th volume of his My Year series would be focused on the individuals behind the weapons that had killed so very many innocent children and adults. But at the same time, it became clear to this historian of societal and personal cultural events residing in the city of Angels that there were also angels in our midst who created a dichotomy in life. As Cary Grant’s angelic messenger in the film The Bishop’s Wife observed, the face you see while strolling any city or village street “may be the face of a murderer or the face of an angel.” And in most cases there was no way to easily tell the difference.


Grammatical Dreams

Grammatical Dreams presents a series of luxuriant, twinkling, dream-like tales that might almost remind one of Scheherazade’s One Thousand and One Nights. Murray Pomerance is a Canadian writer of several fictions and books on film.


Biography of Julie von Bartmann

Written in France in 1923–24 and never previously published, Djuna Barnes’ play, Biography of Julie von Bartmann, is related to several of her early stories—particularly “A Night Among the Horses”—and to her 1928 fiction Ryder. Like the father, Wendell, of her fiction, the father of this early play, Basil Born, refuses to let his children attend public school, and challenges the school authorities, opposing their teaching methodologies: he wins. And like the early short story, one of Barnes’ best, a strong and sophisticated woman verbally destroys her “bestial” horse groom.


A Poetic Order of Excess

Translator Jorge Brioso and poets Néstor Díaz de Villegas and Enrico Mario Santí will present the new collection A Poetic Order of Excess by Cuban poet José Lezama Lima (1910–1976), one of the most influential writers in Latin American Literature. December 12, 2019, 8pm, $10 at Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd.


Back in Print!

Many of Green Integer's Best Sellers are returning as "print-on-demand" and PDF books.

Eureka, A Prose Poem

Edgar Allan Poe

Dream Story

Arthur Schnitzler

What Is Man?

Mark Twain

Three Lives

Gertrude Stein

Ten Thousand Lives

Ko Un

Civil Disobedience

Henry David Thoreau


Paul Celan

The Cursed Poets

Paul Verlaine


César Vallejo


RARE | Sun & Moon books | RARE

Green Integer still has some of its older Sun & Moon books, many of them in hardcover!

The Road to the World's End

Sigurd Hoel

Smoke: and Other Early Stories

Djuna Barnes

Metaphysics in the Midwest

Curtis White

Stories Out of Omarie

Wendy Walker

The Sea-Rabbit: Or, the Artist of Life

Wendy Walker

The Secret Service

Wendy Walker


Fiona Templeton

Scenes from the Life of Cleopatra

Mary Butts

The Owl and The Goose on the Grave

John Hawkes

The Captain of the Butterflies

Cees Nooteboom


Jaimy Gordon

Terror of Earth

Tom La Farge


Murray Mednick

Finite Intuition

Milo De Angelis


Robert Steiner

New Jerusalem

Len Jenkin

Hotel Death and Other Tales

John Perreault

Music from the Evening of the World

Michael Brownstein


Green Integer

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Douglas Messerli, Publisher

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Gold Fools

Gilbert Sorrentino

In this brilliant, witty, yet fond burlesque of boys' adventure books, noted American novelist Gilbert Sorrentino tells the story in interrogative sentences, forcing the reader to answer the very questions of the narrative itself.

Complete book details.

Digital edition in PDF file format:
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Republics of Reality 1975-1995

Charles Bernstein

Including the complete poems of early books such as Parsing, Shade, Senses of Responsibility, Resistance, and The Absent Father in Dumbo, as well as new work (collected here as Residual Rubbernecking), Republics of Reality is one of Bernstein's most important collections to date, revealing his great diversity and the witty, quirky, comic, philosophic, and lyric quality of his poems.

Complete book details.

Digital edition in PDF file format:
U.S. $8.00*

Content’s Dream: Essays 1975-1984

Charles Bernstein

As Ezra Pound’s Gaudier-Bzeska, William Carlos Williams’s Collected Essays, and Gertrude Stein’s How to Write served for their time, Bernstein’s provocative essays are documents central to the poetic theory of their day.

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Digital edition in PDF file format:
U.S. $5.00*

Arcanum 17

André Breton

Considered radical at the time, today Breton's ideas seem almost prescient, yet breathtaking in their passionate underlying belief in the indestructibility of life and the freedom of the human spirit. Andre Breton wrote Arcanum 17 during a trip to the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec in the months after D-Day in 1944, when the Allied troops were liberating Occupied Europe.

Complete book details.

Digital edition in PDF file format:
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Asia & Haiti

Will Alexander

Asia & Haiti presents two long poems by Los Angeles poet Will Alexander, which, in the broadest sense, are about the cultures, economics, politics, history, and social concerns of the title regions.

Complete book details.

Digital edition in PDF file format:
U.S. $5.00*

Radio Dialogs I

Arno Schmidt

Radio Dialogs I and Radio Dialogs II represent some of the “conversations” Schmidt performed on German radio, challenging listeners to reexamine the literary canon, from German authors like Barthold Heinrich Brockes, Christoph Martin Wieland, Ludwig Tieck, and Karl May, to the English Brontë sisters and the Irish James Joyce.

Complete book details.

Digital edition in PDF file format:
U.S. $5.00*

The Secret Service

Wendy Walker

In a quasi-eighteenth century Europe, agents of the secret service use their ability to masquerade as objects to break up a plot against the king and queen.

Complete book details.

Digital edition in PDF file format:
U.S. $5.00*

Smiles on Washington Square

Raymond Federman

In this, his fifth novel in English (and its first paperback edition), the acclaimed French-born writer and poet, Raymond Federman, has given us the bittersweet tale of Moinous and Sucette who fall in love "across a smile" in Washington Square.

Complete book details.

Digital edition in PDF file format:
U.S. $5.00*

Selected Declarations of Dependence

Harry Mathews

A hilarious text of familiar quotations gone amuck that reveals Mathews' involvement with the Oulipo.

Complete book details.

Digital edition in PDF file format:
U.S. $5.00*

Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic

Henri Bergson

In this great philosophical essay, Henri Bergson explores why people laugh and what laughter means. First translated into English in 1911, this important work has long been unavailable.

Complete book details.

Digital edition in PDF file format:
U.S. $5.00*

with each clouded peak

Friederike Mayröcker

A magnificent text that does not easily fit into any genre, as it straddles autobiography, essay, fiction, and poetry.

Complete book details.

Digital edition in PDF file format:
U.S. $5.00*


Liliane Giraudon

Moving through an indeterminate atmosphere reminiscent of Beckett, marginalized characters are mysteriously drawn to one another or brutally torn apart for reasons they cannot understand or which they completely ignore, for Giraudon gives no explanation, forcing us to drawn our own conclusions and leaving us with a feeling of puzzlement and wonder.

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