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Essays, Manifestos, Statements, Speeches, Maxims, Epistles, Diaristic Jottings, Narratives, Natural histories, Poems, Plays, Performances, Ramblings, Revelations, and all such ephemera as may appear necessary to bring society into a slight tremolo of confusion and fright at least.

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The Sea Below My Window

Ole Sarvig

Translated from Danish by Anni Whissen

SALE PRICE: U.S. $9.95
Ole Sarvig
The Sea Below My Window
Series No.: 072
ISBN: 1-892295-79-2, Pages: 320
Danish Literature, Fiction

A woman awakens in a strange room with the sea roaring below. She has no idea where she is, and, even worse, she has no idea who she is. As he slowly gains consciousness and tries to piece things together, she not get far. She does not understand the language of the country, nor is she familiar with its currency. she knows only that something is terribly wrong and that she is deathly afraid of something she cannot identify. Is the eerie quality of everything about her only and illusion? Like British writer Graham Greene, Sarvig combines the detective story genre with mystery and romance to ask metaphysical and moral questions about the nature of self, memory, and meaning in world that appears utterly estranged and alienated.

Danish writer Ole Sarvig (b.1921) was the author of several novels including De sovende (the Sleepers), Limbo and Glem ikke (Don't Forget). During his lifetime he received numerous prizes, including the Critics Prize , the Prize of the Danish Academy, and the Poetry Price of Denmark. He became a member of the Danish Academy in 1972. Toward the end of his life, he was, in the opinion of Danish poet and literary critic Poul Borum, one of Denmark's most important contemporary writers and the only possible Danish contender for the Nobel Prize.

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