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Essays, Manifestos, Statements, Speeches, Maxims, Epistles, Diaristic Jottings, Narratives, Natural histories, Poems, Plays, Performances, Ramblings, Revelations, and all such ephemera as may appear necessary to bring society into a slight tremolo of confusion and fright at least.

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French Literature Titles

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  Alféri,  Pierre
    Natural Gaits [Sun & Moon, 1-55713-231-3], Digital Only
  Balzac,  Honoré de [Horace de Saint-Aubin]
    The Vicar's Passion [1-931243-47-6], U.S. $9.95
  Bergson,  Henri
    Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic [1-892295-02-4], Digital Only
  Bresson,  Robert
    Notes on the Cinematographer [978-1557133656], Out of Stock
  Breton,  André
    Arcanum 17 [Sun & Moon, 978-1557131706], Digital Only
    Arcanum 17 [978-1-931243-27-8], U.S. $12.95
    Earthlight [978-1931243407], Out of Stock
  Cadiot,  Olivier
    Art Poetic' [1-892295-22-9], Out of Stock
    Colonel Zoo [1-933382-54-6], U.S. $11.95
  Carco,  Francis
    Streetcorners: Prose Poems of the Demi-Monde [1-931243-63-8], U.S. $9.95
  Céline,  Louis-Ferdinand
    Ballets Without Music, Without Dancers, Without Anything [1-892295-06-7], Out of Stock
    The Church: A Comedy in Five Acts [1-892295-78-4], Out of Stock
  Chedid,  Andrée
    Fugitive Suns: Selected Poetry [1-892295-25-3], U.S. $11.95
  Cocteau,  Jean
    Plain Song and Angel Heurtebise [978-1-55713-008-2], U.S. $9.95
  Cohen,  Marcel
    Mirrors [1-55713-313-1], Out of Stock
  Crevel,  René
    Babylon [Sun & Moon, 9781557131966], Digital Only
  Deluy,  Henri
    Carnal Love [Sun & Moon, 1-55713-272-0], Out of Stock
  Deveze,  Claire
    Sebastien, Your Son [1-933382-08-2], U.S. $12.95
  du Bouchet,  Ándre
    Where Heat Looms [Sun & Moon, 1-55713-238-0], Digital Only
  Éluard,  Paul
    A Moral Lesson [978-1-931243-95-7], Out of Stock
  Fourcade,  Dominique
    Click-Rose [Sun & Moon, 978-1557132642], Out of Stock
  Frémon,  Jean
    Island of the Dead [9781931243315], Out of Stock
    The Botanical Garden [978-1-55713-411-0], U.S. $9.95
  Gatti,  Armand
    Two Plays: The 7 Possibilities for Train 713 Departing from Auschwitz and Public Song Before Two Electric Chairs [1-931243-28-X], U.S. $9.95
  Giraudon,  Liliane
    Fur [Sun & Moon, 978-1557132222], Digital Only
    Pallaksch, Pallaksch [Sun & Moon, 978-1557131911], Digital Only
  Gracq,  Julien
    The Peninsula [978-1-933382-39-5], U.S. $12.95
  Grenier,  Jean
    Islands: Lyrical Essays [1-892295-95-4], Out of Stock
  Guibert,  Hervé
    Ghost Image [1-892295-05-9], Out of Stock
  Huysmans,  J. K.
    Marthe: The Story of a Whore [Sun & Moon, 9781557131386], Out of Stock
  Larbaud,  Valéry
    Childish Things [Sun & Moon, 1-55713-119-8], Digital Only
  Leiris,  Michel
    Operratics [1-892295-03-2], Digital Only
  Michaux,  Henri
    Tent Posts [1-55713-328-x], Out of Stock
  Michelet,  Jules
    The Sea [978-1-93338-211-1], U.S. $9.95
  Nerval,  Gérard de
    Aurélia [1-892295-46-6], Digital Only
  Renoir,  Jean
    An Interview [978-1-55713-330-4], U.S. $9.95
  Rosnay,  Jean-Pierre
    When a Poet Sees a Chestnut Tree [978-1-933382-20-3], U.S. $9.95
  Roubaud,  Jacques
    Poetry, etcetera: Cleaning House [9781933382531], U.S. $12.95
  Verlaine,  Paul
    The Cursed Poets [1-931243-15-8], U.S. $9.95
  Zola,  Émile
    The Belly of Paris [1-933382-72-4], Out of Stock
    The Belly of Paris [Sun & Moon, 9781557130662], Out of Stock
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