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luce a cavallo

Therese Bachand

Gertrude Stein Award

Price: U.S. $12.95
Therese Bachand
luce a cavallo
Series No.: 167
ISBN: 978-1-933382-31-9, Pages: 79
American Literature, Poetry

Focusing on important films of the 1960s and 70s, both Hollywood productions and foreign films—works which Bachand argues helped, ironically, to save the studio system through their directorial integrity and independent minded-ness—Bachand deconstructs and reconstructs these images of light and shadow. In her recreated linguistic worlds "all is consequence," as "every photograph" becomes a kind of "detective story." As in the poem "give it to me," based on Antonioni's Blow Up, the poet asks the reader not just to seek out clues, but to look within, to explore the self that defines this world of images: "Close your eyes. / It's good for you."

Living in Los Angeles, Therese Bachand has published poetry in numerous journals and is currently at work on new books "A Body's E" and "Properties of Bachand". She has worked at numerous jobs, including a continuity and camera reports technician on the film Black Stallion.

luce a cavallo was chosen by Luigi Ballerini as a Green Integer Gertrude Stein Award publication. As Ballerini describes the title, "To be a cavallo means literally to be riding a horse... but in fact it describes a situation made possible by the fact that a number of circumstances have ripened and a positive effect can thus be attained, as in 'the bank has granted us a loan, and the weather is fine, siamo a cavallo.' A cavallo also means for me, in my gradual understanding of Italian idiom¬atic expressions, 'a primer.'"

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