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Conversations with Stalin

Eleanor Antin

With drawings by the author

Digital Edition
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Digital Edition
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Eleanor Antin
Conversations with Stalin
Series No.: 207
ISBN: 978-1-55713-420-2, Pages: 187
American Literature, Fiction

"I never told anybody but comrade Stalin and I were very close friends. For years we used to meet up in Central Park and talk about stuff. My mother would have been jealous so I never told her. I didn't tell my sister either. She might have turned him in. And my father would have warned me not to mingle with such highfalutin folk. I would only get hurt. So I kept my secret for years. It was fun to have a secret anyway. I was a conspirator. Like the count of Monte Cristo or Jean Valjean."

Eleanor Antin, creator of the world renowned picaresque picture postcard epic, "The Adventures of 100 Boots," the notorious conceptual sculpture, "Carving," the paper-doll film thriller, "The Nurse and the Hijackers" and numerous other challenging mixed genre art works, has turned to prose narrative to create a black comic coming of age memoir in the tradition of Holden Caulfield, Huck Finn, Little Orphan Annie, and the irrepressible Dorothy on the road to Oz. Conversations with Stalin is a stand up punchy tale of a young girl's struggle to find her way from her crazy dysfunctional family of first generation Jewish Stalinist immigrants in her desperate, endearing, often hilarious quest for art, self, revolution and sex, abetted by a kindly avuncular Stalin dispensing bizarre advice that almost always "fucks everything up."

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