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Will Alexander


Compression & Purity


In this fire of fluidic jeopardy

diamonds uncoil

& reconstruct & re-condense

like adjudicated burins

or telepathic moon forms


like psychic drafts & diacritics

being pressure by conundrum & purity

compressed below the level of the gaunt reflecting metals



crushed & glinting pions

incessant suns in the pedalfer vapors

where the sun quakes by quanta

by powerful interior fractual


like singular diamond

like a juggler or a hawk

in condensed mercator warrens

where signs ignite in the phosphenes

like the shape of a comet as Sedna

or holographic combustion



the dialectic of the ice house


the ground as habitual day star

as aerolith

as perfect star in the fathoms

known as pyroxenes

as repetitious pyroclastics

as lowered concentrations of void

being basalt by subductive infinity


diamond as subduction

as errata of mist under vapor

& these diamonds in my mind

not of the human blood soil

of protracted avidity

but of blank alchemical stresses

being wealth as random mountain ore

being poetic spurs

being strange supraphysical hallucinatory hives


which come down & retreat in the ethers

like double blinded mountains

or a halting circuitous heat from the Permian or



not an avalanche of morals

or a decided human predicate

but the predicate as primordial

as helium

as olivine

as “hydrated minerals”

as feral ozone dosage


compression then


with neon reversals & flaring

with dense & angular heightening

being a fabulous schist

being monoxide & hearing








Exercise in Particle Neutrino


Being a blank incarnadine neutrino

I have exercised as monster

as opaque lunation burning under rainfall


much like watching a field grow bones

through dissolving exhibit


& I understand why the sea beds groan

why the underwater quakes

which like curious damage from the demiurge

with its ruthless inconsequent principates

with its rhetoric of lower feasting



a pedagogical demonology

or a mange war

or a dazzled momentary havoc


like a horse inflamed in a volcanic river

striding towards a soil which erupts into sunspots

into ice white infernos






Born and raised in the tumultuous neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles, California, Will Alexander grew up around the violence that has plagued this area in recent decades. The only child of working class parents, he was mostly involved throughout his childhood in sports. He graduated from Washington High School, and in 1972, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Creative Writing from UCLA.

     Poet, novelist, essayist, fiction writer, and playwright, Alexander has published several books, including Vertical Rainbow Climber, The Stratospheric Canticles, Asia & Haiti, Above the Herman Nerve Domain, and Sunrise in Armageddon.


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